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Talent career paths

Integration & support

Careers at IRT M2P

IRT M2P employees work autonomously on several tasks in parallel that are complementary to our R&D projects. They are free to organise their work and time independently.

A mentor welcomes and guides each new member of staff through their daily job routine as soon as they arrive.

IRT M2P offers career opportunities to each employee. By regularly tracking the development of each person’s skills and tallying this up with their personal development project, we can provide employees with the opportunity to switch to another field.
The activities and responsibilities in R&D professions are focused on four areas:

  • Carrying out collective R&D projects,
  • Managing teams,
  • Building on opportunities,
  • Pursuing methodological developments
Professional development plan

Become an intern at IRT M2P

Apprenticeships are a major part of IRT M2P’s social policy. We are committed to keeping 10% of our positions in the overall workforce open to apprentices. Our apprenticeships cover all IRT M2P areas of activity (R&D, support functions).

We support, train and mentor our apprentices throughout their placement. They are given a great degree of freedom to carry out their work and quickly acquire skills and take on responsibilities. We are committed to helping our apprentices become the professionals of tomorrow.

Let’s work together to make your personal development plan a reality. Don’t hesitate, join us

Higher education

Work on your thesis here at IRT M2P

At IRT M2P, we are staunchly committed to connecting the world of academia and industry.  A dozen or so theses are being produced in parallel at IRT M2P. Every year, three to four doctoral students join us for three years – it’s a strong sign of our commitment to scientific research.

By producing their thesis in a dynamic, collaborative company, our doctoral students become more employable in the future. Our efforts are also visible in our recruitment policy: we have 30 PhD doctors working for us, which is equivalent to a third of the total workforce.

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Our specialities

Discover some of the different professions at IRT M2P. These job descriptions will give you an insight into the varied nature of our teams’ activities and responsibilities. They will also give you an idea of the career development possibilities available to you.

Main tasks:

  • Participate in the various development phases of one or several R&D projects
  • Get involved in research activities
  • Ensure that the equipment and machinery on your platform are in good working order

Main tasks:

  • Participate in making projects progress on a technical, scientific and reporting front
  • Carry out tests together with the team of technicians
  • Participate in implementing research activities and sharing and promoting scientific knowledge

Main tasks:

  • Manage the day-to-day operational aspects of one or more projects while ensuring that deadlines are met and costs and quality controlled
  • Manage the organisation, steer operations in your field of activity and coordinate project teams
  • Be the main point of contact for all information between IRT M2P, partners, subcontractors and project team members

Main tasks:

  • Be responsible for organising and steering the projects carried out by your department
  • Oversee the governance, risk management and financial return of a project portfolio
  • Coordinate engineering teams and project leaders
  • Guarantee the quality, cost and deadlines for projects in your department
  • Represent IRT M2P’s interests among partners and be involved in developing your business activity

Main tasks:

  • Participate in the R&D projects that require your expertise
  • Be involved in defining the strategy for your field of activity
  • Share your knowledge and contribute to the efforts to make use of the know-how within IRT M2P
  • Represent IRT M2P in the world of academia and industry circles

Main tasks:

  • Be responsible for a given sector of activity within IRT M2P
  • Define the department’s strategy and build up staff expertise
  • Act as a member of the Executive Committee (CODIR)
  • Participate in defining and implementing IRT M2P’s overall strategy