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Work for IRT M2P

The challenges facing society (climate change, mobility, energy, health) can, in part, be addressed through materials and innovation: lightweighting, improved surface resistance, reduced raw materials, recycling, higher-end goods and services, etc..

IRT M2P brings together technology providers, manufacturers and end-users from various sectors, from large companies to SMEs and start-ups, as well research institutes and universities. It aims to encourage transfers between academia and industry as a whole through high-level research mainly carried out at large-scale facilities.

We provide you with a stimulating and dynamic working environment. If you are interested in helping IRT M2P grow and want to improve the competitiveness of our industries while ensuring your personal fulfilment, don’t hesitate to join us!

Some key figures

The IRT M2P teams

70% men

30% women

95 employees

Average age: 32 years old

Average age: 32 years old

30 PhD doctors

14 nationalities

Look no further!

Join our teams

Learn about our temporary and permanent positions as well as our work placements and apprenticeships.

People at the heart of our organisation


Varied, high-profile academic and industrial partners

IRT M2P works within a network of industrial and academic partners that are as varied as they are prestigious. Thanks to our areas of activity, we have both major industrial groups, medium-sized enterprises and high-flying start-ups as partners.

Building up your skills is what we’re all about

As soon as you arrive here at IRT M2P, you’ll be challenged with ambitious research projects that put you into contact with renowned manufacturers. You’ll get to work on high-quality equipment and installations and work directly with researchers from all walks of life.

Work-life balance

Over the years, IRT M2P has set up a policy to ensure a good work-life balance is achieved. Employees can enjoy true flexibility with working time arrangements (remote working), sabbatical leave and a ‘new parent’ policy.

Support policy for new parents and those with young children

To address the needs of those who want to put their child in daycare, IRT M2P recently contacted the Les Petits Chaperons Rouges network, whose mission is to reserve spots in private nurseries among 1,400 partner nurseries.

Kindness, professionalism and a touch of humour in a company with a human touch

IRT M2P invites you to join a team of engineers and technicians who place more stock in being professional and showing kindness than hierarchy and competition. The working environment is an enjoyable and pleasant one in which our teams’ talents can prosper and shine. The working life of IRT M2P employees is punctuated by meetings with the whole company once a month, as well as seminars, team lunches and so on.

Talent career paths

Legal information

Gender pay gap index

For 2021, IRT M2P has an index of 82/100

The index is designed to promote equal pay for females and males within companies. It allows companies to measure their efforts on 4 criterias :

  • Gender pay gap : 40 points achieved
  • Wage increase distribution gap : 25 points achieved
  • Wage increase for females who are back from maternity leave : no data
  • Number of females in the top 10 highest wages : 5 points achieved